Allegro Consulting provides economic analyses for state aid cases as well. State aid is an increasing field in competition economics. The economic methodologies used in state aid cases depend on the products/services concerned. Different economic approaches are followed in the assessment of telecommunications, energy, environmental, banking, etc. sectors. The analysis will also depend on the type of the measure: regional aid, issues with transfer pricing, restructuring aid, etc. The necessity for a case-by-case analysis is therefore even more prevalent than in antitrust or in merger cases.

Allegro Consulting can help, inter alia, in the following:

  • Profitability and bench-marking analysis. IRR and WACC calculations.
  • Proving that the requirements of the MEIP-test are fulfilled.
  • Carry out market definitions and competitive analyses.
  • Assess the proportionality of the aid.
  • Apply the notion of “well run” undertaking as interpreted under the 4th Altmark criterion.