In our modern and fast changing world it is crucial that companies have full visibility on important trends and expected changes in the market. Competition is fierce and it is vital for companies to leverage competitive advantages through smart and efficient data analysis to guide strategic business decision making. The latest developments in computerization (automation of data entries, cloud-computing) allows companies to record their data on an increasing scale. In this modern digitalized business environment harnessing the power of ‘big data’ is a vital tool in strategic decision making, as well as in monitoring and evaluating business strategies. However, all too often the full potential of the available data is not leveraged as relevant data becomes difficult to extract and synthesize from overly-complex and hard-to-navigate data management systems. Extracting this data can be a time-consuming and costly process, and typically accounts for over two-thirds of the time associated with projects of data analysis.

  • Do you encounter problems with implementing data management techniques that allow decision-makers to have full visibility on the company’s accounts at any moment?
  • Do you have issues with reconciling your company’s data? Do your business divisions apply different data collection and data management principles?
  • Are you intending to acquire or merge with one of your competitors and you wish to obtain a clear picture of that company’s market position (including due diligence)?
  • Do the management or authorities require information on your market position (market shares, total sales by country, sales to certain customers) but you don’t know how to start?

If you can relate to any of the above or have similar data management issues to solve, Allegro Consulting can help. We have extensive and proven experience in efficient data management and deliver clean, validated, and “ready-to-analyse” datasets – therefore minimizing the time and costs of data management.

Precision data management

Has your company experienced difficulties in managing large datasets using Excel or other office applications? Have you encountered issues related to cleaning your dataset, or tracking any changes and modifications made? Allegro Consulting can provide an efficient and complete solution – ensuring that you will never again have to wonder where certain data entries disappeared or why they have been changed.

Data analysis

Allegro Consulting offers advanced quantitative data analysis services and applies the latest econometric techniques to extract valuable information from your company’s data. We evaluate your data comprehensively and robustly, making sure that your analysis-related investments are optimized. Services include:

  • Predictive analysis, modelling
  • Price- and cost-optimization
  • Impact assessment
  • Data analysis related to competition economics
  • Supportive documentations and presentations for management decisions


Data protection

Allegro Consulting implements rigorous and robust data protection and security procedures in line with global good practice, to safeguard your company’s data. This security can be provided on an external or internal basis.

  • Externally: you provide access to your database and Allegro Consulting manages it on the basis of external advisory. Your data is managed confidentially and is only transferred via secured file sharing.
  • Internally: in case external advice is not an option we can go to your office and provide data related services in-house. If needed, we can train your employees to use the statistical software Stata so that they themselves can carry out data management and data analysis with increased precision and reliability.